Prayer for finances and a Home

by Rev. A Marshall (Michigan)

Lord, I come humbly praying for a new home, a ranch style home for me, my mother and my husband, they are getting older and no longer able to walk up the steps. Lord thank you for the new home and the way to receive the finaces that are needed for the home.

I thank you for divine increase in my finances for I know that you have a cattle on a thousands hills, I thank you for the great neigborhood and the great square footage with plenty of storage space, I thank you for the furnings and moving trucks and the unforseen fees that go with moving, I know that are my provider and my ssource, I thank you for Providing all of these things. Lord I thank you for divine favor over the home that you want us to receive., Divine favor in our credit, divine favor in moving, and the mortage company. I thank you for all that is needed in regards to this home. I thank you that we are able to give back to you in any way that is needed for to obtain the home and to keep it.

I pray over the low mortgage amount, and I am claiming low monthly bills. I am claiming prosperity and love, peace and joy throughout the home at all times. Let this home be filled with your ligt, lead us directly to the home Lord and let my husband love it.,

Let all the things he needs be provided in this home. and let his faith be increased. Lord in the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Lord I pray for others who are in need like we are, May they receive a mighty blessing from you. Amen

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