prayer for fertility and conception

by Jeanie (Bacolod City, Philippines)

Lord God, we thank you for all the blessings each and everyday

we praise and glorify you for the strength and perseverance in every challenges we are facing today.

Lord God, we’ve been trying to communicate you every day in our lives to help us and bless us with a new soul. Lord God, that whatever illnesses or sickness we have, heal us Oh Lord. Grant us a healthy reproductive system, healthy heart that we may able to conceive a baby. we promise u Lord that we will take good care of the baby, and let him/her grow with faith in you.

we believe that every thing is very possible in you, remember us like u give the blessing to sarah wife of abraham…we know that through this blessing of life we will be inspired, we will be happy, we will be strong and we will be filled with joy and hope… we pray in Jesus name,. Amen.