Prayer For Feeling Ready to Undergo A New Challenge in My Career

by Sheryl (CA)

Dear God,

You are a witness of all my hard work and sacrifice to better myself and provide for my family. I have been working entry-level for a couple of years and now more than even I feel ready to undergo a new challenge in my career.

Although I have interviewed several times for a position in my field I have not gotten a job offer. I now understand is because you needed me to walk in Faith as you make the way for me. Right when I felt like giving up in this job hunt, you lifted me in spirit again with another opportunity to prove myself that I have faith in you.

This job I am waiting to get a call from is ideal. In the same company I am already in, that will allow me devote time with my family and is close from home. I have faith and believe you have place placed this opportunity in my way for a reason. As I wait to receive an answer please help me be patient as I know you are already making a way for me.

God please allow me to fulfill my dreams, goals, aspirations in my career to become a better person mentally, financially and spiritually.

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