Prayer for fear of lack!

by Gerry Francoeur (Gatineau (Aylmer Quebec, Canada)

Hi in JESUS’ name, I am overwhelmed and afraid to look at my bank account, my heart feels like it drops down in fear of receiving bad financial news, not having enough, lacking, powerless financially, worried and anxious, stressed out constantly. I am 60, paid tithes and offerings, did many years of volunteering for over 20 years and lived in poverty all my 60 years, never lived in peace or experienced having more then enough, denied everything that is good, failed every class in school, never went to high school, always last in everything, divorced for 30 years, lived alone for 30 years, prayed for to receive GOD’s divine daughter matched for me and all I get is woman whom at first are good and then they turn out to be my worst enemy!!! My cry is help, please GOD change me from the inside out so my circumstances can change. Been a Born Again Christian for 29 years, I have experienced changes but only of minor effects!!! Gerry.

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