Prayer for favour

by Nia (Zimbabwe)

Lord God I come in your presence with a broken heart, I run to you because I know in you I find healing. Your word says you are the LORD of the broken hearted, and Father my heart and spirit are broken to a point where it hurts to wake up. LORD I am asking that you look at my situation and intervene, my boyfriend of two years is cheating on me with another woman and although I have tried to walk away he has asked me to stay while he sorts everything out. Right now LORD I am broken and confused, the pain I feel overwhelms my heart and yet through out the pain I cannot shake the fact that I am deeply in love with him and really want this relationship to work. Father Shepherd and me have been through a lot together, he stood by me when no one else was there and I remember coming to you and thanking you for placing him in my life and that is what hurts the most because I believed so much that you had placed him in my path, and I really want to still believe that you did.

Father I am asking that you cause your favor to come upon me, I am asking Lord that you remind him of all the promises and plans we made, Father I am asking that you arise and stand up for me, cause him to see what really lies in my heart, let him see that I love him and that he is hurting me. Father you know we had planned even the names of the children we were going to have. Your word says you will not let me be ashamed, I am standing on your word LORD do not let my enemies find cause to laugh and ridicule me. Your word also says you cause us to find favor among men/people, Father like Queen Esther I ask you right now to cause me to find favor in the eyes of the man I love, cause his heart to be soft and loving towards me. God you are far greater than any man and your kindness extends even to those like me who are undeserving I know you said when we ask for bread you will not give us stones, so I am confident yo will hear this prayer and answer me.

I pray Jehovah that as I forgive my boyfriend for what he has done against me, Lord you also forgive me for all the wrongs I have done against him for they too are many. Remember Lord the many petitions I have brought before your feet in regards to this relationship, Lord remember also that we asked that you be the foundation of this union, that Lord we asked you to be the tie that binds us together, Father also remember our families and the prayers they put in for us and how our relationship brought joy to the hearts of our mothers, remember the relationships and ties that have been created between us & our two families Lord do not let us lose that. Father I pray also for Shepherd’s life cause him to find favor in with his superiors at work, let your grace overflow in his life and bless whatever he touches. Lastly I pray Lord for those who are in the same situation as me, Lord cause them to find comfort in you as they wait upon you.

Give them peace that surpasses all understanding and hear them when they cry to you. wipe away all their tears Lord and cause them to be blessed and favored.

In Jesus name I pray Amen