Prayer for favorable outcome

by Allan Fisher (Mission, TX USA)

I made a poor choice and drove while having drank. I got arrested and my court case is coming up in June. Nothing excuses what I did and I am full of remorse for my actions. I am just grateful no one was hurt. I would appreciate if someone would please say a prayer for me to have a favorable outcome (dismissal) of my case.

I am a college senior with very good grades and devote a lot of my free time to my church and community service. Im applying to law school and do not want this to waste all the hard work and time I put in during my undergraduate years. In a way I am grateful God put this in my path, it has been a great learning experience and put many things about my life into perspective.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please find it in your hearts to understand where I am coming from and help me with a few words to God to grant me a good outcome.

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  1. Praying for you

    Dear Lord,
    Bless this person who has done wrong in the eyes of the law, but who is right in your eyes, for this person has seen the error.
    Seal her outcome with the hope and mercy of the resurrection. Protect the court from unfavorable and unkind voices, and let it’s judgement be as your will be done.

  2. praying for favor

    Praying GOD give u favor with everyone involved in ur case. Please come back and tell us ur testimonie…

  3. praying for favor

    Praying GOD give u favor with everyone involved in ur case. Please come back and tell us ur testimonie…

  4. praying for favor

    Praying that G0D give u favor with everyone involved in ur case, please come back and give us ur testimonie…

  5. I understand

    I will pray for you. I understand where you are right now..because my case is similar. God be with you.

  6. Jesus

    I am praying for you this morning
    When you go to hearing etc
    Tell Jesus you are putting this on his shoulders
    And look to your right as he will be walking
    In with you
    With your faith I believe you will get through

  7. Court decision on probation decision

    Praying for grandson and ask that we come in agreement for what will take place in a decision that has to be made. I pray that Isaac will have a understanding judge in front of him.

  8. Prayer

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray for a favorable outcome in the court case and that forgiveness and mercy follow him. I ask God gives strength and peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you for your mercy and second chances. I thank you that your Will be done and what I have asked it already done. Amen

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