Prayer for Favor, Faith, Peace, and New beginning

Dear St Jude, I am in need of prayer warriors to speak good and God into my life. I was recently terminated from my job, they had me arrested, was already in financial trouble and facing eviction while in a relationship I fight for daily. My unemployment was denied and public assistance funds are low. My child has college tours and prom etc approaching fast. I have been interviewing and have two offers very nervous because the arrest could hurt my chances of obtaining employment; with no income I hired a lawyer that needs to be paid and he states that it could take up to a year to get case resolved. Property management has been granted possession of the home how am I to relocate with bad credit, pending felon charges, and no income? I need GOD’s favor with employment hoping the arrest is not revealed on my background; housing that I am able to stay until I secure employment and funds to relocate, credit can to be resolved with employment and I have some negative people in my life that I need to cut ties with. I need a new beginning and favor from all aspects of my life: employment, finances, relationship, credit, background, family, and relationships.

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