Prayer for father of disabled adult child to provide for disabled child after father is dead

by Sheila (Tn)

Dear God,

I pray that you will un-harden a father’s heart. He is the well-to-do father of a defenseless disabled adult son. Pray that he will do right by that son and make a provision for that child now and after the father is gone. The father sees making provision for that child as helping the mother who has raised the child all by herself and is getting older and is worried about the well-being of that child.

The father has never allowed the disabled adult child to be part of the family that contains his half-brother so the half-brother wouldn’t have feelings for his disabled half brother. The disabled son was raised by the mother with no physical help by the father or the step-mother. The mother raised the disabled child with no psychical help for 32 years.

All the father and the stepmother could say to the mother was why don’t you put him in an institution as if the child was a dog to be put in a kennell.

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