Prayer for fanancial help to pay for the rest of my university tuition fees and debt.

by Sharrie (Jamaica)

Dear Heavenly Father I come before you in dire needs. I have not being working for 3 years now and going to school, and you know I’m finding it so hard to pay for this. Father I just need the break through to find this money and just enough to clear all my debts and ease this burden. I’m finding it really difficult to cope with this situtation. Help me also to find a job You know I have being searching and sending out applications but to no success. Please Father help me its very urgent and don’t forget my best friend Ilene who also needs the help, it pain my heart to see us suffer so much, I felt it for her when I saw her crying and know that I’m not in any way to help her, father take away our tears, remove all the worries we face in Juses name I pray. AMEN!!!!!

PS I want to thank you for the things we do have, life, loving family, some good friends but you know they can’t help. These I put before you dear Lord, amen!

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