Prayer for Family to be in a Better State

by Nat (Ohio)

Please pray for my two sons. My oldest son was incarcerated for a very long time and he has been out for over a year and half. He has been working part time jobs here and there but recently since he had a car accident(someone hit him) his car is inoperable now.

He lost his part time job. And basically blames me because I am unable to help him. I have hospital bills and other bills and my finances are not like they use to be. Please pray for my son to find a job soon and to soften his heart again.

My other son is having a hard time, not like his brother but it is harder each day for him as well. I know I must be strong but I worry about my sons all the time, and I feel so sad. Please pray for us to have faith and to be strong and to stay strong. Please for I just don’t know what to do. Thank you.