Prayer for family strength and unity

by Lisa (Bronx, Ny)

Lord you know my heart and you know how much my family has suffered and how much they mean to me. I thank today father for filling me with the wisdom to pray for others before myself. Lord, my family is in trouble. They need you. We lost our mother a year and a half ago. My heart goes out to my father, brothers, sisters and daughter, who have fallen apart after the lost of my mother. I ask you to today lord to please search their hearts, protect them, help them to search for you in their time of trouble, place your hand over them father and lead them to you. Lord father please help us all come together again, as a family.

Lord i thank you so much because i know that you are faithful. I don’t thank you enough and i am sorry. I know that without you i have nothing. Thank you father for this day, for the food, the water, my home, for keeping me in my time of trouble and pain. Father all i ask if for the strength to continue to stay focused on you. That when i am faced with challenging moments i turn to you instead of my head!

Thank you father for the job you just blessed me with. I pray father that i am able to perform humbly, respectfully and honestly. Lord i have not had a job in two years, so i ask you father that i may be going into a place of peace and unity.

Thank you …. in jesus name… Amen

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