Prayer for family peace and harmony

Holy Spirit, You dwell in the hearts of the baptized. Please stir the hearts of Johnnie and Lexie and move them toward understanding, compassion, and love, for each other and for Lisel who is in need of freedom from stress and anxiety. Give them the Understanding that Jesus wishes his followers to live harmoniously together, thinking only of God and others. Show them how to die to themselves, putting aside selfish needs and desires. Fill them with Your Joy at the prospect of creating a self-sacrificial environment in which the deep abiding Peace that Jesus gave reigns. Lord, I thank you for what You have accomplished within this family and what You are doing right now. I trust in You, Jesus and believe that You will work this situation to the good, in keeping with Your Father’s will. I praise you Jesus for sparing the life of my precious niece, Lisel. She is Your faithful servant who always seeks to bring souls to You. I am grateful that she will be allowed to continue this work. Jesus, I ask that Your Flame of Love burn brightly in the hearts of this family, including Johnnie, Lexie, Dan, Lisel, Donna, Jessica, Barbara, Meg, and Sarah. May Your Will be done. Amen.

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