prayer for family in need of healing

ord I come to you today with a heavy heart. I amfull of questions and guilt and sadness that my marriage is seeming to come to an end. I pray that you bring light into my husbands heart and that you will help heal his pains.

We have been through more than most marriages we have a daughter(his) that was molested and I don’t even begin to imagine what he has endured.

We had other issues with my children from a previous message as well. I did not deal with those events very well and that caused an even more enormous strain. I prey for forgiveness tor those things that I did not handle do well.

I caused even more pain on top of what he was enduring. I overcame my inner struggles and am coping with my pains through prayer and church. I se him in so much pain that I hurt.

My kids are so in pain now while he hes moved out I wanted to give him time to think. Please lord heal him with your grace. Heal our family.