Prayer for family health of my loved ones

Dear Lord,

I thank you for all that you have done! I thank you for my father, mother , sister and our new family member ( my husband) ! I love them all dearly! Thank you for bringing him to me and i trust that you brought him to me because he’s the right one!

Thank you for helping us pAss through that difficult situation with my sisters health last year ! I cant express my gratitude enough! Please give health, help her live a very long beautiful life and watch over my younger sister !

Bless her with happiness , joy, love, success and laughter! Help her to be healthy and live a long long peaceful happy life with the person that will be right for her! Help her succeed in what her heart desires !

Give health happiness and long life to mom, dad, sissy , my husband and i ! Bless this family and help my husband and i reunite together soon! Help me to succeed at starting a great career with a great pay and be able to afford a beautiful home with my husband !

Keep us away from temptation, evil , lies and unfaithfulness ! Help our love , communication, trust , affection and attraction grow more for one another and help us create beautiful children ! Thank you lord ! Amen !

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