Prayer for Family Healing and Forgiveness

by Marianna (Portland)

We recently became grandparents again and while visiting our oldest grandson was very sad.. I asked him what was wrong he said he was having bad dreams and scared that something bad would happen to the baby. I asked him “did you tell mummy and daddy?” he said no.

I told him, when you feel that way, pray for the baby that he will always be safe, and that God will always protect him. I noticed the day after that my daughter in law who I have a great relationship with or so I thought, stayed in the bedroom all the time, we barely got to see the baby.

As a matter of fact she was in the bedroom most of the time that weekend. Upon getting home, I called her, no response, I sent a text message no response. So I asked my son what was wrong at first he said nothing! But when she didn’t come to my husband’s and son’s birthday breakfast, I knew for sure something was wrong. Finally at the restaurant he said,” she said, you said there were bad spirits around the baby!

I was stunned and hurt. I am thinking this girl really does not know me in all these years. The type of person I am. I have tried reaching out and my son said I need to apologize to her, without explaining anything. I don’t feel I have anything to apologize for but will because of my grandkids.

I ask for healing, forgiveness annd understanding. Because I just don’t know what else to do. Once she gets upset, I am the first one she turns on. I forgive, I move on as if nothing happened but I feel as if I am a doormat.

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