Prayer for family healing and family business success

by Jacque (Pennsylvania)

Please pray that my father and brother get along and that my brother sees that we are not against him. Please pray for my father’s health because his health is being affected by the constant turmoil between my brother and him.

Also , our family business has been through its up and downs and somehow God has repeatedly helped us through the rough times even when they seemed hopeless. Right now we are in desperate need for good employees for our growing company. We are trying to advertise via radio for employees but we are not getting any applicants.

Please pray that we get phone calls from potential applicants as soon as possible and that the work that we have continues to be fruitful in order to retain the employees we already have. please pray that we are able to find additional work for our other division of business since the work that we currently have in that area is going to cease in the near future.

Please give my whole family the strength to keep our trust in God and remain calm when times seem hopeless . Also, one of our employee’s son was just diagnosed with rapidly spreading testicular cancer at the age of 25. It is in its advanced stages so please pray for a miracle that they are able to get it under control and that he survives. Thank you for your prayers.