Prayer for Family Dispute over Finances

by J. Ann (RI)

Dear St Joseph, I honor you as being the silent saint, but most influential in the life of Jesus. My family is not like the Holy Family that was filled with love. There is much division because of self-centeredness, with little concern for others.

Help me, in this present situation, to discern the proper thing to do. It is a great problem and I need to find the strength to do the right thing. I know this will cause more division, and I will be the one to suffer from it, but, situations cannot continue, because of their bad decisions. The burden is, and will be, totally on me.

Jesus knows the situation. Please implore Him to direct and lead me. Through your intercession, I ardently ask your assistance. I love you as being the forgotten and least of the Holy Family, as I am the least in my family. For this reason, I am devoted to you. Amen

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