Prayer for family and finances

by Anthony Arredondo (San Antonio, TX)

I am a man of great faith and love for God. I love my family just as much. Right now I am in a financial crisis and am trying my best to get my self out of it.

My family needs my help and I help them with all that I have, but unfortunately that leaves none for myself. My sister-in-law is currently 19 weeks pregnant and is in danger of losing my unborn nephew.

Her water has broke and the baby’s chance of survival are not in his favor. I humbly ask for a blessing of financial abundance so I may help my family and myself.

Even more so, I beg for a blessing of life for my unborn nephew. If it is Gods will to take him now, I will not question it, but if there is a chance for my nephew then I ask God what I can do to help.

I believe deeply in the power of prayer and I know that some how everything will work out for the best. Thank you for your prayers and support, God bless us all.

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