Prayer for Family and Finances and to have enough money for food

by Arianna (Edcouch, TX)

Dear God,

My family and I have been at our worst financially these past few months. We don’t have enough money for food anymore. If it weren’t for my helpful grandparents, I would not be in school right now. I am a full-time college student and work seasonal (during the school year). My dad has been trying his best looking for a job, any job that will help with our basic needs but there has been no answer. He has put in countless applications for oil refineries in Corpus Christi. Even my boyfriend, who isn’t doing too well himself, has offered to help. I ask you God to please bless my family and I with wonderful news. I ask for better days for my family. I admit my faith has declined because it has been so hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel, but hope is still there. Hope that You will hear our prayer and cries for help.