Prayer for Falling Marriage

by Tamela (Louisiana)

My almighty father i come to you with a heavy heart.

my marriage is in trouble and only you can help guide my partner
and i back together as we once were. I ask of you father to please
take the temptation, anger, hurt, and sadness away from my heart. replace
those feelings the devil has brought into my heart with love, joy
desire, happiness, and contentment with my one true love. my
husband, my partner. Lord, I humbly ask of you to help my partner
see his wrongs and help me to see mine as well so with your help
we can begin to heal our wounds. Please help my partner
and i become best friends, team mates, and each others

Lord, as i bring this prayer to close, i lay upon you all of my burdens
the devil has brought into my marriage. I ask for you to help us become closer, and rekindle that flame that once burned high and bright
between us. Lord i pray you guide us in the right direction to save our
marriage. Thank you lord for hearing my prayer. in jesus name i pray,

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