Prayer for faith

by Duncan (Duluth GA)

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to humble in all my weakness and ask that you touch my heart, open my eyes, clear my ears so I can accept your word and guidance. Father I come to you a sinner in this world and pray for your abundant love and forgiveness I am weak and in so ask that you take my burden to free me from my own self destruction. Today I walk alone without purpose and direction gasping for a life in your service to find peace and serenity. Oh my dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for ever pursuing me and drawing me into your light, regardless of my ego that has falsely instilled a sense of power over my life, please forgive my transgressions and sins, forgive my trespasses and for give my weakness.

I am on a path to divorce I have hurt my wife and allowed myself to lose my self in a relationship near 20 years. I beg dear Lord pull from me the shame and pain I feel about myself and lift me to your service. Dear Father lighten your plan for me to see and work towards your will, as I step into my next moment of human existence. Dear Lord our Father you are all powerful and all knowing, you know my heart and you know my life, I pray you reveal to me my next step.
In the name of your only Son Jesus Christ the Savior of the Universe I pray! Amen

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