prayer for faith* and hope* in stressful time and need of gods helping hand*

Dear heavenly father

throughout my life you have been walking with me holding my hand, leading me on level paths I thank you for this and I have no dought that this year will be any different.

I believe with all my heart and my soul that you listen intently to my prayers and always grant me not necessarily what I want but always what I need.

This year is rushing by and there are so many things lord which are terrifying me please strengthen my faith and don’t allow me to lose faith even when things seem grim. Lord I’m so confused about my future please help me to make the right decisions.

Lord take my mind , take my heart, take my hands take my life and give me the strength and courage and wisdom and knowledge to beable to make my way through this year with tales to tell of success and joy. Lord I pray for the small but large event that will take place soon, please may it be a night I wont want to forget.

That you will fill me with confidence and a inner beauty which will shine outwards and lord, king, god, daddy ;the right person to spend it with*

l lo0ooove you very much and lord I know you are as real as breathing beacuse the feeling I get when I pray, read bible or even just think of your is a unexplainable overwelming warmth which fills my whole been! *

your daughter*

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