Prayer for Extra Funds

by Elle (London, UK)

Heavenly father,

I pray to you for help. I pray you can give me the strength and bless me and my loved ones with the guidance and help we seek.

My daughter is 18 months and sick. She needs a lot of medication, 6 prescriptions in all. She is allergic to so much and has been in hospital so much of my maternity leave through my work. I have had limited time to spend with my 3 year old because of this.

It has severely reduced my finances. And is impacting on our family.

I paint, I have sold 36 this year to help raise funds for her cause.

I wrote a n ebook too, on Amazon, to also aid our growth. This has not happened as we had hoped you would bless us with.

I pray for a miracle for my daughter. I pray, for some financial let up and blessing to be put onto our family.

For my children. For the help of the bills, the medicines, everything over our heads.

Please Lord, reward us, as hard working and dedicated people, to just help us. Not an abundance to waste. Not a huge some of money.

But I pray for some financial aid or gain for all of us in need.

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