Prayer for ex husband and new marriages.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are a good generous faithful God. I hand over my previous marriage, my children, my home and homeland, my career i had; and all i had and lay it at the cross right now. I pray for blessings over my children and ex-husband; that all the hurt between and done to each other will be forgiven forgotten Father God, that this will be used for good of enriching our lives. I pray down the mountain that comes between us and me and our children right now dear Christ, that my children’s eyes and minds will he opened to truth and they will return to me; their mother ; right now Father! I thank you Heavenly Father that you have heard my prayer and i publicly declare my trust hope faith in you now to fix the issues that you know of, and others not stated here. I pray forgiveness in my part of the divorce, for all reasons i persued it and for the double hurt i have endured due to this, thus i pray all mighty Lord that the hurt will NOW cease and Satan be returned where he belongs and NO further hurt to me, my reputation, my mind mental health and physical health due to stress from my ex husband and his new wife but blessings will shower us both & in our new marriages. Forgive us for re-marrying dear Lord, but may you use us for your kingdom and be a witness of encouragement for your other children facing same issues and that your name will be blessed and praised also. I have believed in you since i was in 2nd grade when i gave my life to you, im sorry for not staying in the right path throughout the past 15years, i ask for personal blessings now and increase in abundance of my career and career prospects and business success, now be mine for your glory and to bring your name Glory and praise. May you return me to my homeland/town where i belong dear Father God and so i can go to teach your word like i did many years ago. Praise and glory to your name, i thank you for answered prayer dear Father; Amen.

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