prayer for ex boyfriend to return

by Obakeng (South Africa)

Dear heavenly father please help me and my kids, my ex boyfriend walked out of our lives without any word and that left me in pain, stress and devistation. over the past months i have been praying a lot and getting impatient because nothing has been happening to assure a comeback from him.

Father he wronged me in so many ways but forgave him even though he left. I have learnt that love is kind and doesnt look in the past for previous mistakes.Take away in fear that he might have of us getting back together, cleanse whatever it is thats evil around him make realise his love for us. I am asking that he return to us forever till death will separate us. The kids miss him a lot, he’s my soulmate in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit he will return. I Thank you for his return im advance. I love him lord.