Prayer for Evil Doers

by Brian (San Francisco)


I am able bodied and skilled but my trade has been besmirched by less scrupulous practitioners who have interfered with my ability to earn your blessings by using underhanded tactics and dishonesty to trick customers into using them instead.

I am a locksmith and can’t prevent my competitors from lying about what they will charge for their services then changing the prices afterwords. I know it is not your desire to interfere in our lives and that you give us free will so that we can do your work through our own self inclinations and therefore work towards redeeming ourselves from our original sin.

I would not ask except that the corruption has gotten so bad that it is impossible for me to honestly earn a living since I am competing with people who have no ethics or compassion for their fellow man. Please have the Holy Spirit intervene so that these tools of Satan are checked and that their wickedness is revealed.

It is my hope that the secular authorities are able put an end to their corruption by holding them to their own law breaking and that they are exposed and penalized accordingly.

Please have the Holy spirit work through law enforcement and other natural means so that they are prosecuted and that their corrupt enterprises are dismantled so that those of us who are honestly laboring for honest purposes can prevail. Thank You. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A-men.