Prayer for every child in the world.

by Gloria L (TX)

Please dear Lord, Heavenly Father, Creator of mankind and all that is beautiful. Thank you for placing such loving parents, friends, two wonderful sons and a caring husband. I would like to ask for forgiveness for my sins. I’m sorry for the wrongs I have done. I’m grateful for the better that has been brought into my life recently. Please help me continue being a better person for my family and I. This prayer is mainly a request to watch over every child in the world. Please kesaep them safe and free from harm. It brings me great sadness when I find that a child is hurting in any way.

I love the children you gave me, & will continue to do my best for them. Please, help protect and nurture all the children across the world! They need the most.
We ask you this in Jesus’ name…..
Also, thank you again, for watching over my husband and I last night. I truly felt your presence among us. We arrived safely.

Please bless all our family, friends & others we know, may they be safe and free of hardships.


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