prayer for enlightenment and open heart

by Marilyn Antonietta M. Capacite (Lapu-Lapu, Philippines)

May the Father Almighty enlighten the mind and heart of my husband. Cleans his heart oh Lord and wash away all evils in his heart, mind and soul. Give him enough time for praying and reflecting Lord Jesus for him to open his heart for the sake of his own children and family. And most of all Lord God open his widely, truthfully and faithfully for me as his real wife and give him the power to accept heartily his wife and love his wife unconditionally.

And Lord teach also my husband to accept your teachings and live it in his heart and mind and apply it to his family. And cast away all evils that surrounds him Lord, especially the women in his life today whom he considered as his loved.

And Lord God, touch and open my husbands heart and let him discover that I am his wife, his real wife whom you designed as his partner forever and from then he will neglect and forget all the women in his life. And let him think that these girls are instruments of Satan who destroyed our relationship as husband and wife.

Lord God, the King of all Kings and the Prince of Peace “RESTORED OUR MARRIAGE” Amen.