Prayer for Enemies

by Anne ()

Good God I come to you in supplication and humility please forgive my sins and those of whom I may have hurt knowingly and unknowingly. Change my heart and increase my faith.

I am constantly facing trials at every turn I am humiliated and jeered at and ridiculed always. Give me the strength to know that you are with me always and that I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

Give me the knowledge, understanding and faith to know that I should trust in You with all my heart, lean not on my own understanding, in all my ways acknowledge You and you shall direct my path.

Do not let me speak if you do not speak for me
Do not let me hear if you do not hear for me
Do not let me act if you do not act for me

I place this and all my desires into Your hands in the name of Jesus Your son Amen

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