Prayer for Endurance

Dear Lord,

Please continue to help guide and protect me throughout this trying situation. I am in a job that does not deserve my talents and I am in desparate need to find another job where I can utilize my talents and be fully appreciated. Please erase the negativity around me and provide me with your protective shield so that I may continue on with my day, week, month, year on this job if YOU see it fit. Please help me endure so that I may learn from this and make better job choices.

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  1. A True Blessing

    This prayer was very unexpected. Although I had typed “prayer for endurance” in Search, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had landed on a page that featured a prayer for endurance over job-related situations.

    I came to this page with a heavy heart and a troubled spirit. I couldn’t do what I was supposed to do, couldn’t meet a deadline.

    That’s over and done with – God answered my need for strength and endurance and I know I can finish now what I need to do.

    Praised be our Almighty Creator forever. <3

  2. Struggling to endure

    I’m currently struggling to endure at a job that feeds of negativity, being devious and multiple power struggles. For six years I have prayed for change. I have changed tremendously in my reactions however I see that the environment has become toxic and stressful on me and my family. I will continue to endurance in the lords way for as long as he wishes. Thank you for my blessing of child therefore I’m fully committed to you my lord

  3. May God Bless you all

    I can empathise with this situation. I am surrounded by people who are so dishonest and make their living by making other people miserable. I donot believe that God created me to be in this environment but as long as there are unsave people we as christians need to show this people Christ. God is in control and really we have comfort in the knowledge that we may not know but we know the ONE that knows. May God give you all double for your trouble and may you keep focusing on him and not on your circumstances.

    Every Blessing.

  4. Keep praying.

    We are in the same situation. This prayer inspired me and made me feel that I am not alone in this kind of thing. May God help us. Just keep praying.

  5. I can relate

    I’m suffering from the exact same issues at my current place of employment. I will continue to pray your prayer for you as well as myself. God Bless!!!

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