Prayer for endurance, Forgiveness, hope and willpower

Dear God

I probably have everything going down hill right now. But I also know I have you. You are watching me every moment, all my actions my honest intenstions and my inner thoughts.

God I need endurance. Probably my dad is not the best of all time. But hes my dad and I love him. Its difficult to live with him when he is abusing and thinks I am useless. But I want to watch over him at all times. Its painful sometimes God, but you help me over come it Lord.

God my boyfriend left me with out marrying me. He promised to marry me but he didnt. I never will be good enough for him. What he did behind my back prooves hes very selfish and a very bad dicision maker. I know that you have a nice life planned for me God. Please hold on to me Lord till you find someone for me. I cant take this lord. This insults and lies have injured my heart. Please heal me Lord.Please heal me.

I have no job and almost no money. Please help me find one so that I can provide for myself.
Pleople look down at me. They question me and I dont have answers. I know they make fun of me. But Lord I keep my faith in you. what do I do now God? what do I do?

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