Prayer for end of problems


Heavenly father, I come to you as your son in the moment of my weakness. I am really wishing that my problems relating my relationship all do end. I have had enough of fights and dissatisfaction among many people and I really want everything to stop. Please take the girl away from me and erase all the bad memories away from my thoughts and the rest. Please bless me with peace and not let me be at harm when ever i am out. I am really wishing it will all end and I can live my life as how I use to. I am really sorry lord for my mistakes. I pray that you forgive my mistakes and bless me with a better life. I wish that the people out there would stop haunting me and I pray that my dreams are always not shattered down. I pray that I uphold my dream and may nothing ever trigger me to my past and grant me a better future which I will enjoy. Thank you lord, Amen.

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