Prayer for Employment

Dear God, I first thank you for bringing my family this far, for blessing us and providing for us. Thank you for placing people in our lives that have shown concern, helped us without asking for anything in return and have reminded us that you will always provide. Thank you.

I believe in your mercy and I believe in your unending grace and forgiveness and I pray that those we encounter will show that same mercy and forgiveness. We have made mistakes in the past that are effecting us in the present and are impairing my husband’s ability to find work. I ask that you guide our steps and help us find employment that will allow us to repay our debts and obligations. My husband has applied for hundreds of jobs and in spite of being given false hope each time, he has not received one call back. I ask that you build his confidence and strengthen his faith. Please don’t let him get weary and lose faith. I ask the same for me. Please calm my fears and anxieties. Help us to be sources of support for each other; that we may be daily reminders of your love and kindness. God please open doors to employment for each of us that we may be able to provide for our family and that we may one day be in position where we can help those who find themselves in this same situation.

I pray believing that your work has been done and that we will come out of this situation.Thank you Jesus. In your name I pray. Amen.

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