Prayer for employment & Visa

by Child Of God (Thailandi)

Dear Lord, my heart is deeply saddened by the loss of my job. Please Lord help me by giving me direction, support & patience while I wait for the perfect job to come along. A job that is fulfilling and uses all the skills that you so kindly gave to me.

I have been in Thailand for a while, not only am I sad that I lost a job I thoroughly enjoyed, I am also having problems with my visa and am due to leave thailand temporarily and hope to return without any concerns or problems at immigration.

Please Dear Lord, I ask that you help me in this trying time, I trust that you have nothing but my best interest at heart. I know that through you Lord anything is possible. I give thanks to you Lord for all of your wonderful blessings.

May all those who are in the same predicament as me also find an employer who utilises their wonderful skills & knowledge.

I cast this burden upon you Lord and wait for your divine intervention.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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