Prayer for Employment to Provide for Children

Heavenly Father I stand humbly before you… First would like to Honor you and give thanks for what you have already done.. what you’re working on now and what you will do in the future.

I am in desperate need of employment..Recently unjustly fired from my job.. Single mother of two and on the verge of losing my and everything else that I’ve worked hard to acquire.. if it is your will then I will gladly let it all go because I know that you have something greater in store for me…

If not I pray for a job that will use my God given talent(s) that will glorify and edify your name and rain financial blessings that will be more than enough. I am listening to hear your voice to guide me in the direction I should go.. although I am going through probably the toughest time in my life to date I will continually give praise because without YOU there is no me.. I will continue to walk by Faith and not by sight. All these things I ask in Jesus’s name pray Amen..