prayer for employment in my life.God to show me my job in my deams


Oh mighty God,I thank you for the wisdom you gave me, I also thank the state of being a human.

For now God I pray to you requesting for your help.I know I lost my first chances but you said never give up.Why abandoning me in this thorny world,
Oh lord here my prayers.Please I need employment.Show me my talent or my job in my dreams.I need peace in my mind,I need happiness in my life.

God of everything,make me a successful man in my life,make a hard worker and I need more wisdom from you.You once told us that who ever ask in your name ,he shall be given.Right now I bow my self under your feet to wipe me off tears poverty .

Please God have mercy on me as you did to Joseph who was sold by his brothers but you rose him the scratch up to the kingdom ship.In Jesus’ s name I pray


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