Prayer for Employment & Healing

by Irene (Qatar)

Dear Lord Jesus, I am here thanking you for the life that you have blessed me for the 23 wonderful years. I want to say sorry for all the things I have done, and thank you very much for every little gift that you have blessed me with all the aspects.

Lord, I claim to have a job again, a job that will bless my family, and my career growth. A path where I can be with you, and establish all the gifts and talents that you have provided. Lord Jesus, give me the best ever, so I can gain the love and respect from my mother… Lord Jesus, please give me the best as soon as possible, I believe that it is on its way in taking me to the right job.

Jesus, Please heal my heart, it is wounded, its’ very painful… I met a guy, and you know how much I fell in love with him. Now, leaving him is the best option and I felt the freedom and happiness with your guidance. In your name I want to forgive him, and I want to renounce everything that negatively applied to my humanity.

Lord God in embracing this life, bestow upon me the knowledge, growth of my perception, professionalism and love on y neighbor and family. I claim happiness, joy, love , healing, and peace on earth.

Come Lord Jesus, cover me with your precious blood. Fill me with your holy spirit. I love you Lord Jesus, I praise you Jesus! I thank you Jesus and I shall follow you everyday of my Life.

Mama Mary, Queen of Peace, please pray for me that the intercession of my prayer will come and materialize as soon as possible.

This all I ask, in the Name of Jesus our Father in Heaven…