Prayer for employment for my husband

by Alice ()

Dear Lord,

I am on bended knee begging for my husband to find employment. He is such a hard worker and has spent the last nine months looking for a job like it is his job. Though he is not a man of faith, I am truly one of your humble servants and I am uplifting him to you. I have held faith that you hear me. And thank you that our finances have brought us this far, I realize you are truly providing for us in this difficult time. I pray he will find favor in the eyes of that perfect employer.

I pray that he will land in an atmosphere of believers who will not only provide the level of job he had, but help him see your goodness, love and that we absolutely cannot survive without you. Please see his tears, feel his heart when it is broken down by the succession of no’s he has been getting from prospective employers.

I pray for him and tell him he needs to pray for himself, and I pray above all, he will be thankful and walk away from this experience a humble and thankful man with new faith. Until then I will remain faithful and take one step at a time in faith until we are where we need to be. I pray in Jesus name. Amen

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