Prayer for Employment for My Daughter

by Denise (USA)

Heavenly Father,

I ask in Jesus Name that you Bless my daughter with the job at the hospital. She worked so hard to get through school with three children and despite her past mistakes she is really trying to make a better life for her and my beautiful grandchildren. Lord, despite her past, please let the hospital look past that and Bless her anyway with this Amazing opportunity.

I know you are a GOD of Second Chances! I Thank You for giving her a second chance and for blessing her with a job in the medical field. You place all good desires in our heart. It is her desire to get the job at the hospital in her field of study.

I know it is not in your Will to see my daughter struggling to survive with three children working these mediocre jobs. I know you are a God of abundance and I pray that You show her Favor and Bless her with this wonderful opportunity.

Jesus in Your Mighty Name I Pray!