Prayer for employment, for me to keep my kids and not become homeless

I pray that God bless me with a job for what he’s fit for me. God you know that my kids dad is only trying to get custody of the boys because i filed for child support and he really doesn’t want the boys. Please God you know that I am a great mother but,

I am scared that he is going to get custody because I’m not working, I have no income, my unemployment just ran out. So, please Lord, I am asking that you bless with a job, so I could keep my kids and not lose our apartment because I am behind on my rent. O lord I pray that you soften my kids father heart and let him backoff, so we don’t have to go to court, I don’t have any money for a lawyer.

Finally, I pray that you give me the strenght to endure the problems in my life and always let me be able to provide a roof over my kids head, shoes on their feet, clothes on their back and food to eat. Amen

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