prayer for employment for a single mother of 2 with absolutely no help

by Darlene (Canada)

I am a loving single mother of 2 beautiful daughters! I also feed those that walk into my door if they are hungry!I never complain but i am struggling so much right now my bills are 2 months overdue i have no job no friends and i am in need i am constantly in despair!!

I walk around town in fear because of a famaily who is after me they attack me when they see me physically and verbally! They like to curse people they hate!!I am blaming them for my situation!I had everything even my weight is going down!!I am that stressed!My own family has gone against me over lies that they have told about me! They triumph over my downfalls!They are truly evil people!!

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!I am sick of hiding in fear!I need to go out and work but i worry that i will run into them and i cannot handle seeing them they cause me great anxiety!!my heart starts to race and i start shaking uncontrollably!

My mouth gets really dry! PLEASE im begging for your prayers!!Thank you in jesus precious name amen

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