Prayer for Employment, Financial Needs and Family Unity for Unconditional Love

(Grand Prairie, TX)

Lord I pray for employment SOON. Please lead me to find a job I love to do and pleasant working environment where I can make a positive difference every day. Help me find fulfillment spiritually, mentally and financially.

I pray Larissa and Alyssa will one day forgive me for my wrongs. I pray they know I love them unconditionally. I pray they soon know what unconditional love is and how important it is to have in a family, I truly hope and pray their family receives it.

I pray Larissa, Kristina and Alyssa strengthen and value their Sisterly Bond. I pray as they get older in life they get closer and will be there for one another.

I pray Johnny will one day come to his senses and seek forgiveness from Kristina. I pray before that happens Kristina already has and let go of her pain and hate and live a truly happy life for her fulfillment, free from spite.

I pray for Reuben and myself. I pray we forgive ourselves for our regrets and mistakes so we can experience true love and happiness. I pray Rueben gains employment and gets a job he loves doing so he can find fulfillment spiritually, mentally and financially and finally feels and experience self worthiness.

Lord hear my prayer.

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