Prayer for Employment and To Reclaim My Life

God. I know you know who I am. I know you know everything about me. You know my heart and my hearts true desires. Today I come to you in prayer to find employment. I resigned from a job that I loved in July that I felt was my calling to do and I still do. I know that is where you wanted me to be and some day if it is your will I will visit Hospice again. I made a poor judgement call because I felt I would be terminated now I am unemployed and without work. I have been on interviews and had jobs I thought were promising but they have all resulted in nothing. The last interview I felt I would be perfect for the other job. I believed it in my heart and soul but it was not to be. God I pray that I find a job soon. I hope and pray that these interviewers and potential employees can see how god my heart is. See my compassion and empathy. I have made a lot of mistakes in the last couple of years especially and I’m sorry God. I hurt my marriage, my husband and my sons and myself. God please be with me as I fight hard to redeem myself in your eyes and my husband and sons eyes too . in my own eyes. I am truly hurting and scared and depressed. I give it all to you. I’m asking you for your guidance and patience. help me be strong as I fight for my family, a good and my life. God I pray that you bless me and people like me with a job. My faith is strong. I always have faith. I’m blessed because I’m alive. The people I love are alive but i really need financial help. I need to provide for my family and myself. These past few months have been hard. I’m asking you to help me God and answer my prayers. HELP ME..GUIDE ME AND PLEASE BLESS ME WITH MY EMPLOYMENT. I ask this of You in Jesus Name..AMEN

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