Prayer for Employment and the Life You Have Given Me

by Annalycer (Kakamega, Kenya)

Thank you Lord for he gift of life that you have given me. Thank you because of my lovely husband and two children that you have given me. Lord grant me mercy in my entire life so that i can get a way to take care of this family.

I pray that Lord you bless me with a job that will enable me to take care of my children and assist my husband in family matters. Help me so that i can get the opportunity to give faithfully to you and to take care of other duties for your will.
For my husband, i pray that you may give him another good job now that he plans to resign from his previous job due to mistreatments. May you Lord grant him another opportunity so that he can be able to continue to take care of me and our children.

Thank you LORD Almighty for answering my prayers.

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