Prayer for Employment and Thanksgiving for all the Blessings

by Joemer (Perth City, Australia)


I am here as your son. You are the Most Holy, the source of my life, my soul, my life. You are the source of everything.
Please forgive me LORD for all the trespassess I have incurred and all the sins I have done unto others.

Thank You Very much LORD for all the countless blessings that I and my Family is abundantly receiving from you LORD.

As we contnue our journey of life, I am asking for your mercy and guidance that I will be employed the soonest possible time. I am an electrical engineer LORD and with the lagging economy of Australia looking for work is a race.

Oh, Sweet Jesus, I come to you in mercy as I am in agony of trying to find employment. I have been applying for several companies now and it always ends up going to another applicant.Help me LORD to find an employment that will make happy and fulfilled. Lord, asking your mercy to please provide me with a good job that I need and is within your will.

Thank You very much LORD. Amen

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