Prayer for employment and good times

by Gerty (Victoria Australia)

Dear Lord, I prayed every night and still our business closed and we lost our home. I turned my back on you for a short time because I believed my prayers were never heard.BUT, then you sent me a beautiful friend that said to me every day that things happen and are meant to be.

I questioned what it was that “was meant to be” & then it hit me. I needed to meet her to show me that we will have bad times to appreciate the good times.

I am still in bad times and have applied for so many jobs but because of my older age I get knocked back. I have no money, I mean NO MONEY,I live in a tent in a caravan park and it is now winter. I am proud of our love and strength we have for each other that keeps us together I don’t want assistance from the government and I don’t want help from friends .

I am asking with all my heart that you grant my husband and I the gift of well paid employment in our home town so we can move out of our tent and into a house, so we can pay our debts and start a new life with out being a drain on our society. I am embarrassed that I turned my back on you and I ask for forgiveness.

St Jude please hear my prayers in our time of need. Please send us the devises to grapple our way back out of our most stressful situation. Amen

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