Prayer for Employment and Financial Stability

by Shane (West Texas)


I pray for a new job after suddenly losing mine. I have just started collecting unemployment but it does not pay mybills. I am so scared of losing my house and not being able to afford food, clothing, and housing for my wife and children.

I pray that I may find something soon as the stress of waiting is killing me as well. I have trouble sleeping at night and even eating is difficult. I know there are many people with similar problems. I’m sorry I keep losing faith in you. Help me to be strong and find a job soon. Help me to keep confidence and shut out the dark thoughts i’m having lord.

Please give me your strength.Guide my thoughts, words, and actions. Be my strength when I have none. I know my trials and tribulations are known by you and leading me to something better but my faith is shaken so easily these days. Help me believe in your plan for my family and find a job soon. Let me do your will. Amen.

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  1. Faith

    Shane good morning my prayers are with you

    And your family you are a good person

    Please go to church each Sunday even if

    By yourself

    I know you will be ok !

    Jesus hears you but he also needs you

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