Prayer for employment and financial relief for me and my family

by Irene (El Paso, Texas)

Please St. Jude, I come to you, and to my beloved Father, to ask for your assistance. I am

exhausted and so weary from the troubles that surround me. Though I have much to feel greatful for, I am so in need of finding a job that will alleviate many of the troubles on my mind , and my heart. My son is worried and he is only a child. I am so weak thatI can not hide my concerns from him, and I do try!

Please, shine my Lord’s grace on me, help me to pray in a way that my request will be answered, and answered soon !!! It gas been years that I have been asking, but I guess I am doing it all wrong! Please, help me to help myself. Help me to provide for my small but sweet family!!! Help me to meet all of the obligations I have, and to provide for my family from this moment forward!!!!

I know, my Lord will tell me what I can do to show my thanks, and my love, and to lean on him for the rest of my days!!!! Thank you St. Jude, and hold my son and I close to your heart, and show me the way to praise my Lord more, and with a heart free of worry.
All this I ask in His Glorious Name, amen.