prayer for emotional strength and peace of mind

by Kayla (Usa)

Dear lord, today I come to you not with a heavy heart but with a weight over all my thoughts. I have had some contact with David but not the kind of contact I would want. I don’t know if he wants to be with me I guess that’s the worst part not knowing what to say.

I want to let him know how I feel honestly but I’m afraid he maybe doesn’t care anymore. I do want to hear from him dear lord I really do. Part of me wants to run back and tell him I love him. I apologize for not using the chance to talk to him when he contacted me. I should’ve handled that differently. Dear lord I feel myself getting stronger there are times when it doesn’t consume all of my thoughts all of my day and all of my emotions, that is what I need and I thank you for helping me thus far.

In the days to come I fear it is going to get even harder. I want to hear that he cares for me. I even want to hear about the little things like how his first day at work went. Dear lord let him see my worth, have him think of me, everything about me because I know there is more good than bad.

I want to enjoy this vacation to Disney land I owe it to my family and I myself deserve it please bless my family and take care of us