Prayer for emotional stability and happiness

by T K (India)

Dear Almighty..My Saviour

Since my child hood, you have shown me a way out of the dark..helped me fighting battles with failure in academics , emotional down times and coming up wih a smile.Now, I am a woman who is maturing with time .Now I am married WITH YOUR GRACIOUS BLESSINGS and pretty much devoted to my family and husband. He is an honest soul and does not leave any stone unturned to show his honesty..But, people around him in his job hardly take him like this and strike him with rebukes rather rewards. His innocence and simplicity are doing nothing great but making him lose his job, which he got after trying hard ..

Please, help him to retain his current job and make him emotionally stable and make him aware of the realities of life in his conscious so that he can handle tough situations and comes up with flying colors..

Please, help us in treasuring our happiness which we would like to nurture..At the same time Please, help me being in a cool temper always so taht my love for my husband and my family never fades away,..Please, show my husband a way and please, help us…Please, guide us Almighty.